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Walder: New England Patriots. There's certainly reason to be skeptical of the value some of the moves bring -- the Agholor signing stands out -- but there's no question that an influx of talent just flowed into Foxborough, Massachusetts, and New England will be better off for it in the short term.


Wolford ended up being ruled out late in the week because of the injury, but he did travel to Wisconsin; Goff would start.NFL New Orleans Saints Team Face Coverings

The trade that the 49ers just procured with the Dolphins coincidentally mirrors the one that occurred when Shanahan’s father Mike was the head coach for the Washington Football Team.NFL Denver Broncos Team Face Coverings

This isn’t a secret to Rusty Hardin, who is defending Watson in what is now 19 civil lawsuits from massage therapists who allege sexual assaults of varying degrees. As the suits have mounted — in a damaging drip, drip, drip fashion that keeps the Watson case in the news — Hardin has raged against the Plaintiffs’ attorney, Tony Buzbee.NFL Atlanta Falcons Team Face Coverings


With his outstanding blocking abilities, signing Miller to his new deal was simply a no-brainer for Gruden and the rest of the front office. As you might imagine, Miller is nothing short of fired up over Tuesday’s breaking news.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson ought to be at least a little happy about his team’s signing of offensive guard Gabe Jackson.

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After trading three first-round picks and a third-round choice to move up nine spots, the San Francisco 49ers are clearly targeting a quarterback.NFL Chicago Bears Team Face Coverings

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