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Of course he did it in his first game with the Nets. pic.twitter.com/Ajx0vTKUEq

"You can hear him even when he's on the bench, but out there on the court it's really fun. You love a guy that communicates in that way. He's loud, very clear and distinctive and makes the game a lot easier."

As Curry gets well and hopefully soon, the Golden State will be looking to make a late-season push for playoff positioning.

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“It was a trap game playing 20-year-olds at 12 o’clock in the afternoon. They trapped us. We just couldn’t really find it. Me, personally, I find all my shots were short. I end up making some late in the game, but throughout the game just really can’t get over the hump.”Chicago Bulls Face Masks

''It's different without (James), without AD,'' Gallinari said. ''Of course they're a different team. But at the same time, all of the players that stepped up are all NBA veterans with experience, guys that won championships. I would say it's anyway a very good win.''Los Angeles Clippers Face Masks

Medina: I think the most impactful move will be on whichever team LaMarcus Aldridge or Andre Drummond land. Despite the San Antonio Spurs and Cleveland Cavaliers' hopes, I'm skeptical they can trade those guys because of their respective salaries and what it would take for buyers to give up in return. So I expect them in the buyout market. I could see the Lakers and the Celtics to be the most aggressive. They're both in the championship contending mix, but they have a lot of roster needs to fill.Los Angeles Lakers Face Masks

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And on Friday, the newest addition for the Blazers will take the floor to assist CJ McCollum as Damian Lillard tends to a sore knee.


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